Campus Coffee Company

Campus Coffee Company has a lovely area in the Wool Market where you can grab a fresh coffee or tea made while you wait. With seating areas you can sit and enjoy the market atmosphere or take it with you.




  • Had some lovely coffee today served by a lovely happy lady, there was nothing to much trouble 12 out of 10 🙂

  • Mr & Mrs Robinson

    Atmosphere is knife cutting if you are there with just the unhappy,miserable lady that serves you. Coffee is nice but depressing if you are sitting down in the ‘not so clean’ makeshift cafe to drink it.

    • I’d be very interested to know when you actually visited? We were closed around the date you posted due to holidays…
      The ‘unhappy, miserable lady’ has worked EXTREMELY hard over the past 10 years to ensure that her customers enjoy both their drinks and surrounding. I also would’ve thought you’d leave a message when you visited rather than 10 to midnight on a Sunday evening… This is more of a malicious personal attack than an honest review…

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